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Education Effects Health Status

It is currently, broadly perceived that health results are profoundly impacted by an influence of

social elements outside of medicinal services. The sensational contrasts in mortality, and danger

figured that scientists have recorded inside and between nations that are designed after great social

determinants of health. For example, education and income, physical and social environment in which individuals live and the macro structural

strategies that shape them. Education is critical to social and economical development and has a

profound impact on population health.

Education provides a cognitive skill through which one can save himself from numerous harms

such as an educated adult may avoid putting himself in drug activities, smoking or drinking etc

and more likely to have a healthy behavior related to diet and exercise. A lack of education can

be as deadly as smoking, researchers have found, with the potential to knock 10 years off a

person’s lifespan.

Good education is a reason of good income. Families with higher incomes can more easily

purchase healthy foods, have time to exercise regularly, and pay for health services and

transportation. Conversely, the job insecurity, low wages, and lack of assets associated with less

education can make individuals and families more vulnerable during hard times which can lead

to poor nutrition, unstable housing, and unmet medical needs, which effects health in a positive


Education provides an awareness of what to do or what not. An educated person has a

knowledge of what is good for his health or to what he has to be restricted.

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