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Pakistan and Obesity

The densely populated country Pakistan is continuously working for the hygiene and health of its people. Do you really know what the health is? Health is something which makes you to feel alive, active, boosted or dedicated. This state of being free from illness can work to reach up to the mark. Pakistan is striving to regain its complete health. Today, with a lot of different health issues may as malaria, dengue, common mosquitoes attacks, bird flu and so on, there is one more thing from which a healthy people of Pakistan is suffering , known as “OBESITY”.

What the OBESITY is? Obesity is mainly caused by over eating or eating too much and moving your body too little. Fat (human body fats) are basically the second name of obesity. When your diet consumes high amount of energy, or your food plan mainly depends on maximum amount of carbohydrates, fats and sugars with no concept of body movements or exercise then yes! You are also suffering from obesity. No burning of excessive energy through physical activities than much surplus energy may store by the body as ‘FATS’.

According to the reported list published on Forbes, Pakistan comes on a ranking of 165th nation out of 194 as the ‘fattest country’ in regards to its overweight population, out of which 22% people suffers from obesity due to their household intake of highly fated Pakistani cooking oils. But, obesity can be remedied out through certain precautions such as; firstly the person should balance his diet plan with best exercise actions to make the body in-shape. After these home remedies, deceased should went his doctor’s cabin and make sure that you have check your Body Mass Index, or BMI, to make sure you’re not suffering from obesity. This is a test that takes your height and weight into account to determine your level of health.Obesity risks range from heart attacks to diabetes. Obesity effects can also impact your everyday life and make it harder for you to enjoy it.

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