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February brings new surprises

Where PSL was creating a hype of its own, Lala was also working on Shahid Afridi foundation sideways. As a result of which the last ten days of February brought some surprises. The very first one was an event held at American University in Dubai to create awareness regarding SAF and collect funds for those in need. The motive was simple- Serve humanity with the support of young enthusiasts. The idea was brought up by the members of “Pakistan Students Association” and MR. Shahid afridi was invited to speak about SAF and the activities of the foundation. The evening had its own charm where the entire campus was decorated in colors of violet and blue and the audience showed appreciation at Lala’s commitment and dedication to his philanthropist activities.

The event was soon followed by a lunch organized at a construction site in Dubai. After the successful release of detainees from Dubai prison, Lala wanted to continue with the tradition of showing integrity with those far away from their land. This time it was a causal meet up with the laborers where most of them were from Pakistan. His arrival was greeted with claps and shouts and an air of enthusiasm circulated the construction site. Through this act he just wanted to remind his people that his heart beats with the people of his country and he will go at all lengths to help them (monetarily or emotionally). Though SAF is staunchly working for different social causes but Mr.Afridi’s individual efforts are solely focused on lifting spirits of others.

February finally departed after the event organized by Pakistan Association Dubai (A community that is centered on helping Pakistani people in Dubai). The slogan of the event was “Own a brick to donate”, where the motive was to collect funds from each brick that acted as a souvenir and build a gymnasium for the Pakistani people. At the end of the ceremony Mr. Afridi addressed the audience and thanked all for their support and also requested them to help him in his mission of making lives better. He told the audience that his heart was much influenced by the people of Pakistan during Earthquake and other calamities, and having seen their conditions from very near he wished to become a ray of hope for them.

All these events made this month quite special for not only SAF but also the team members and the supporters. The organization is gaining popularity due to its expanded operations on national and international level. We look forward to more successful events in future as well.

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