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SAF sets benchmarks for philanthropy

The former captain of Pakistan’s cricket team, Shahid Afridi, has recently gained a lot of popularity due to his philanthropist activities. The platform, Shahid Afridi Foundation (SAF), has helped save thousands of lives since its inauguration in year 2014. The main purpose of the charity organization is to fight against social evils prevailing in the society and in doing so, has executed many projects successfully. Apart form initiatives like Sahibzada Fazal Rehman Charity Hospital and water well installations at Tharparkar, SAF has accomplished another milestone in DUBAI.

The initiative involves releasing of 30 Pakistani prisoners detained in Dubai prison for various offences. Being the chairman of SAF, Shahid Afridi personally visited Dubai Police Headquarters to make arrangements for the release of prisoners, who otherwise would have stayed behind the bars for more time. During his visit to Dubai, he met with H.E LT. Gen Dhani Khalfan Tamim (Deputy CH police and security in Dubai) and also DR Brg Mohd Almur (Head of Human rights) and highly appreciates their cooperation in this noble cause. SAF has also started expanding its operations at international level and have lately received humungous charities by some very renowned financial institutions.

SAF’s most recent fundraising event was held in Dubai on 12th December 2016, the aim of which was to raise funds by putting up on auction different cricketing items belonging to Shahid Afridi. SAF came forward with this idea of liberating Pakistani prisoners in jail and took measures to carry out the mission in the beginning of 2017. Most of the prisoners had been victims of ill fate and had not committed any serious crimes. Being in prison for so long they did not even have the required funds to travel back to their homeland.

There are not many activities done in this regard, especially on international level, Hence SAF made quiet an un-common effort of reaching out to these people who really needed external help. SAF is highly grateful to Dubai police for their help and support in this cause, and they look forward to releasing more prisoners in times ahead. The figures are yet not confirmed but the aim is to help send some more than 50 detainees back to Pakistan so they can start their lives afresh!

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