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Reaching out to the people of Syria

SAF and its activities were and will never be restricted to Pakistan. The organization has a simple and clear motive of serving the entire humanity, irrespective of race, religion and creed. When we started expanding our operations internationally, we realized how many people around the world are also in dire need of our support. In particular our Muslim brothers and sisters in Syria are facing huge atrocities due to the civil war. The political unrest has largely affected the citizens who have either sought refuge in neighboring countries or within Syria itself.

SAF had been trying to help the Syrian community since an year but due to dangerous and unpredictable security situation, it was quite difficult to access the refugees. But when there is a will there is a way, hence our team found out a solution and with help of intermediaries we donated supplies directly to the refugees from Aleppo. These refugees had painful stories to share; There were people who had family members missing, there were men who had been starving for long, there were children hurt and injured and there were mothers asking for basic necessities like mattresses. We heard cries for help and we wanted to contribute with something that could give them peace amidst the atmosphere of war all around.

SAF decided to ease some of their burdens and hence arranged mattresses for these helpless refugees. When the team was distributing the beddings, the reaction of people cannot be explained. They were overwhelmed with joy as if they had been granted with riches of the world. Things that don’t matter to us might mean a world to someone and that day we realized how big a difference can small contributions make in other lives. If you wish to see their reactions kindly click here and you will feel the pain these people are suffering from. We are just a means, a medium that is reaching out to those in need. Please support this foundation with your donation! We want to make a difference and we definitely need more than few hands to achieve our goal of serving humanity!

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