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Own a Brick campaign in Dubai

The month of February for SAF finally culminated with the collaborative event organized with Pakistan Association Dubai. The prime motive of the event was to collect bricks to build a Fitness & Rehab Centre for Pakistani Community in Dubai. Over 350 people became a part of Shahid Afridi’s team to play an inning for Pakistan Center at the Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD) on February 27. The beautiful evening was a first ever joint event by Shahid Afridi Foundation and PAD in order to motivate community members to own a brick in the Dh12 million project.

The ‘own a brick campaign’ was initiated to encourage people to own a share of 12,000 bricks that will ultimately result in building the world’s largest community center for overseas Pakistanis within a duration of 18 months. SAF had taken responsibility of raising 1000 bricks to build a ‘health and fitness center’ at Pakistan’s center that will be named after the legend’s foundation. The community center will be a non-profit center providing facilities at affordable cost.

Moreover, being the world’s largest community center for overseas Pakistanis, it will encompass Pakistan Medical Center, Health and Fitness Center, Ladies and Gents Mosque, Theme Restaurant, Administrative offices, Seminar Rooms, BBQ area and Children play area. Shahid Afridi was quiet overwhelmed at the response he received form the Pakistani community in supporting the not for profit medical center , addressing the audience he also said:

“My foundation constantly works for the underprivileged in the rural areas of Pakistan, especially in the Thar area where there is scarcity of water. We never see who we are serving, our mission is to serve humanity”.

A memorandum was signed between the President of PAD Dr.Zia ul Hassan and Chairman SAF Shahid Khan Afridi. In addition a shield was also unveiled bearing the name of the foundation that will be placed outside the Health and Fitness Center. Saleem Karsaz, Director SAF-Dubai said “Our foundation is ready to work for Pakistanis anywhere around the globe and this is one of the first steps we have taken to join hands with PAD”.

There were several cricket accessories signed by the all-rounder cricketer that were given to the audience who pledged bricks against each item.
Two cricket balls were owned at 5 bricks and 10 bricks each.
A cap was owned at 5 bricks.
A shirt was owned at 25 bricks.
And two bats were owned at 50 and 60 bricks each.

Furthermore, Dr.Ikram further added it’s a privilege that the Shahid Afridi Foundation has become a part of this landmark project and once the building is completed, it will be a source of pride for 1.4 million Pakistanis living in the United Arab Emirates.

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