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Iftar Drive

Iftar drives in ajman, Lahore and dubai- Happy Ramadan

Ramadan is the month of blessings and peace and SAF wanted to ensure everyone gets to enjoy these two. A beautiful initiative was taken by the organization in form of Iftar drives in Ajman, Dubai and Lahore. Almost 500 people visited the Iftar camp in UAE whereas a huge dastarkhwan outside Ghalib Market (Lahore) fed the same number of rozeydaars. Our team member Ms. Quratulain managed a huge iftaar everyday in Ajman and SAF highly appreciates all her efforts in this regard.

The donation appeal through various online and electronic media platforms generated good amount of funds making these Iftar drives possible. It is a privilege to be able to help those who fast in this beautiful month and indeed SAF considers this a s a blessing of Almighty. We would specially like to appreciate Rizq foundation that allowed us to support them in their mission to beat hunger.

Men, women and children, there was everyone at our dastarkhwaan. We were also astonished by the number of volunteers that came forward to support us in our mission and as a result of the huge number of queries we received, we have now included a separate section for all the volunteers who would like to join our cause. We need more people in this caravan and more hands who could contribute, big or small, to lessen the burdens of those fighting battles of life each day.

Our targets are bigger and after international expansion, we look forward to repeat these initiatives in other parts of the world in the next ramadan. We need to spread the word of our mission in every nook and corner of this world and we want to peek into the un-touched territories of Pakistan. Teerah, for example is a huge success as we all could access the remote territory . Similarly there are areas of KPK and the northern Pakistan that need our help, SAF invites everyone to come and become a helping hand and make this organization bigger and better!

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