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Wonder Valley

The wonder valley of Tirah

Located in Khyber, Kurram and Orakzai agencies of the Federally administered tribal areas of Pakistan, between Khyber Pass and Khanki Valley , Tirah valley is a place not many know of. Its proximity to the Pak-Afghan border and the difficult terrain, control of Tirah has been difficult for the Government of Pakistan. Moreover, despite the presence of a huge need for development, this territory remained untouched due to the curse of terrorism. However SAF realized this need and started paving out ways to enter the region and take initiatives that could benefit the inhabitants in way or the other.
Tirah is one of the most beautiful areas of Pakistan. Unfortunately it is also an area that has suffered as a consequence of the war on terrorism. The repercussions of this conflict has not only seen the displacement of the people of Tirah, but also social turmoil in the form of unemployment, the division of tribes, lack of educational facilities, plus inaccessibility to clean water and healthcare. Shahid Afridi Foundation, with the full support of our Chairman has made a commitment to help re-build the area.

It all began with a mega water project in Tirah Valley, led by SAF’s Project Director, Iqbal Afridi, where the plan was to provide water facilities to every home in Tirah via underground pipes. The people of Tirah, mainly women and children, had previously been travelling up to 5km, drawing water from mountain sources, It was a painful sight to bear. The process of enabling this vision of accessible water supplies for all has also been a complex one. The project team had to dig mountains 30 feet down in order to lay out the water pipelines. Moreover all equipment and raw materials had to be transported up to the mountains using mules and donkeys. The project is now almost 70% complete after a gruelling two months of hard work. SAF has installed 8 hand pumps and built seven overhead tanks to store water and spread approximately 22km underground pipelines from the tanks, for 150,000 beneficiaries. We have also provided 150 refugees camps for the homeless people of Tirah valley. In addition to this, the Foundation has distributed sports goods and educational equipment and materials to around 20,000 children of Tirah valley and the surrounding areas, to enable a return for some normality to life, pre-conflict times.

Lack of proper education system is another big challenge Tirah is facing. SAF saw great potential in the youth of this region and also realized the immense need for education and launched a proper campaign for spreading awareness in this regard. With the help of army personnel and volunteers, the team gathered students from the valley and distributed books, bags and other accessories meanwhile telling the little souls worth of education in contemporary times. SAF wants every single child from Tirah to seek education and grow in life like children from the city areas of Pakistan. SAF invites everyone from all over the world to come and explore this territory of Pakistan and help this place prosper every single day.

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