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Fundraising Dinner

SAF greets UK again

Once again, Shahid Afridi Foundation (SAF), hosted an exclusive Fundraising Event on 30th July 2017 at Chak89 in Mitcham (London). The event was aimed at raising funds for the rapidly expanding operations of the foundation in Pakistan and also on international basis.

The evening was packed with entertainment, in addition to a delicious 3 course meal, there was a detailed Questions and Answers session on the night with Shahid Afridi himself, including audience interaction, meet and greet opportunity and an auction to raise funds for the Foundation with exclusive items.

Anchorperson from ARY digital, Mr. Iqrar ul Hassan, hosted the event and paid special tribute to the services of Shahid Afridi for the people of Pakistan. Mr. Shahid Sheikh, Chairman SAF from UK, addressed the audience and stated the efforts of the organization in UK in past two years. He was followed by Mr. Zeeshan Afzal , Senior Advisor to SAF, who also elaborated the activities of the organization and prospective areas for development in near future. Finally the chairman of the foundation Mr. Shahid Afridi was called upon the stage to deliver his speech and voice his opinions.

The chairman addressed the audience and stated the mission of the foundation while discussing the situation of Tharparkar. He informed the audience of the poor living conditions in Tharparkar and invited people to come forward and help the foundation in alleviating their problems. He further added that it is very easy to work hard for your own self but much difficult to work for others and claimed that The organization plans to initiate more projects in such remote areas of Pakistan and needs funds and support in order to be successful. He ensured the people that their charities are utilized in the correct manner and only for the benefit of those in need.

He culminated his speech by inviting on stage his eldest daughter Ayesha for expressing her feelings towards the foundation. In her speech his daughter passed beautiful remarks on her father and his philanthropist activities, she invited the youth to support worldwide cause of SAF and said “ we can create a prosperous future for the less fortunate ones, together for the youth of Pakistan. HopeNotOut”

The event was indeed successful and the chairman particularly thanked Frank Kahlid (Chak89 owner) for all the generous contributions he has made to SAF. He also said

“He is a man who likes to help, and see charities succeed to make a better world wherever possible. “He is truly a great friend, person and a true gentleman. I thank him very much for his input in this event this year”

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