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Shahid Afridi Foundation *(SAF)* and Baitussalam Welfare Trust *(BWT)* join hands to support and provide relief to the Rohingya Muslims. A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed today at SAF’s Head Office between SAF and BWT for this cause.

At this occasion, *Mr. Zeshan Afzal, Global CEO SAF* said “ Muslim Ummah is like one body, if one part is in pain, the whole body should feel the pain. SAF will do all it can to support our Rohingya brothers and sisters in need together with BWT to give them a new hope, a hope of Hope Not Out. *Salman Qassim Mohammady General Secretary of BWT* said, “Where ever we are, we are united and this is the source of our strength. The problem our Ummah is facing today is the lack of unity amongst us. Today’s event is an example of how we can join hand to rejuvenate our brotherhood ”.

*SAF* is working in the areas of Health, Education & Clean water together with the message of peace & goodwill via sports diplomacy. *SAF* wants to see Pakistani people prosper, educated and healthy in the coming years. *SAF* is also striving on international fronts for the rehabilitation of communities displaced by conflicts.

Baitussalam Welfare Trust *(BWT)* is one of the leading NGO’s of Pakistan working in the fields of education & humanitarian aid for the underprivileged. *BWT* operates around 350 + primary education centers in which over 30,000 students are studying most of them on fully paid scholarships. In 2017, *BWT* became the only internationally authorized NGO from Pakistan to provide aid to Muslim communities displaced by conflicts specially the Rohingya community of Myanmar. Similarly, for Syrian Refugees *BWT* has designed, constructed and is operating one of the largest Bread manufacturing plant on Turkey border.

*SAF* has selected *BWT* because it is the only NGO in Pakistan that is working with *Turkish Government* backed institutions like *AFAD*, *TRC* and *DIYANET* for the assistance of Muslims in crisis all over the world specially for Rohingya Muslims. With the collaboration of these organizations *SAF* and *BWT* also intend to work in the educational sector including developing educational institutes all over Pakistan.

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