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Solar Energy System Installation Completed At Kohat Hospital

Solar energy system installation completed at Kohat Hospital

The increasing popularity and acceptance of solar energy as an alternative source of energy makes it an attractive option when it comes to powering a hospital. As well as being an environmentally friendly choice, it can be extremely helpful as a backup option at times of power shortages. Solar panels produce electricity without pollution or emissions and can last as long as 25 years which makes them a valuable investment. The world’s largest solar power hospital in Haiti is a shining example of how solar power can make a massive difference when it comes to running a hospital.
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A Moment Of Kindness Cherished At Shahid Afridi Foundation

A Moment of Kindness Cherished at Shahid Afridi Foundation

In the realm of kindness and compassion, even the smallest act of care has the potential to make a huge difference. Akin to creating ripples in pond with a stone, the random acts of kindness and philanthropy follow a similar pattern where one simple action may generate a significant impact on various lives in different forms. It is through these small, selfless actions that a positive and constructive change is brought about in the society.
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