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Aiding street


Continuing with our initiative to help improve the status of education, SAF launched a program aiming to help these young children of the streets gain marketable skills by both teaching them the relevant English language skills as well as providing the schools with Laptops.

The Basic


While the initiative of establishing schools for the children of the streets is an admirable cause, we believe it is more important to equip them with the knowledge that will help these children find employment once they grow up. Teaching them the basics is necessary but so is training them so that they have marketable skills which would further allow them to find jobs.

One Laptop – One

Child, A brighter


To remedy this problem, SAF recognizes the issue faced by these schools and is readily helping them reduce the number of out of school children. The foundation has provided these school with two Laptops to help enable these children to learn the relevant computer skills in the hopes that this would allow at the very least one more child with a fighting chance to aspire towards a better future.