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SAF aims to nourish the future of the children of Pakistan. SAF will be focusing on education initiatives whereby we will provide free of cost education to the most vulnerable children across Pakistan and has initiated the first school in Malikpur area of Punjab.

The Basic


As a result of SAF’s dedicated team, hard works and contribution of its well-wishers will soon be commencing its new venture. SAF will open the First school for the underprivileged in its own name. It will be SAF School: Malikpur Campus, situated in Lahore, where most of the area is populated by inhabitants who fall below the poverty line. The middle age group consists of people with occupations of maids, helpers, drivers and milkmen.


the future

SAF will be taking over a whole school and will be responsible for almost 250 students. SAF not only aims at educating the children but providing other initiatives and opportunities as well. These consist of Family counselling of parents, Teacher training programs, Akhuwat entrepreneurship for qualified members, Vocational Training Institute.

Kudos to the new

and brighter vision!

To implement this plan according to the vision of SAF, SAF has partnered with CYTE Foundation, they would be assisting SAF by monitoring the school’s operations, improvements, quality and benchmarks on KPIs and would be drafting and submitting a monthly report.