• Education

Tirah Valley


With a place as beautiful as Tirah Valley, we believe that it is our duty to safeguard and protect this untouched haven and help bring it out of this darkness that has seemed to descend upon the unassuming people of this area. One such way of doing that is to help aid these children in their education.

Collaborating with

the Military

With the security situation in the area being so uncertain and the aftereffects of warlordism and terrorism being so rampant, SAF decided to collaborate with the Pakistan Army to help improve the situation of education in the area and bring some degree of normalcy to the lives of the people of this community.

Facilitating Education

SAF decided to adopt a more hands-on approach for this special project by visiting the field in midst of this turmoil. Our representatives distributed books, bags and other accessories. They also went door-to-door spreading awareness regarding the importance of education, trying to increase even this knowledge amongst the people of Tirah.