• Clean Water

Tirah Valley:

Supplying Water

SAF is now currently working on different initiatives in Tirah Maidan, Khyber Agency, FATA including water shortages, education, sports & rehabilitation. The current focus is on WASH projects whereby addressing water issues in the area by providing water storage through the construction of water tanks and by connecting them through pipelines from the water deposits.

Helping the displaced

victims of war

Such abysmal living conditions have resulted in prompting several families to completely uproot their lives and abandon their livelihoods; such actions have been nothing but a silent plea for help. A plea, which was completely ignored by the government till as late as 2003. However, it was the Shahid Afridi Foundation that finally answered these requests.

Restoration of their

basic human rights

Work on restoration process is already underway with the SAF team defying all odds to provide clean drinking water to all the households in Tirah. Drilling as deep as 30 km into the mountains, setting up refugee camps for the homeless and providing up to 20,000 children with education and sports equipment has been instrumental in bringing about some semblance of normalcy in the otherwise war-plagued lives of the locals.

Educating the youth

With special importance given to education, SAF, with the help of volunteers and army personnel, has already started working on establishing a suitable educational system to help these souls, who are so full of potential, to grow academically. Giving these children, for the first time, a fighting chance to compete with those students, who belong to the bigger cities.