UAN: 111-000-SAF (723)

SAF’s mission and vision is based on five core values that are followed through out the organization by each member both seamlessly and religiously.

  • Faith: Performing activities and programs in a way that builds faith amongst the public, donors and Corporate Partners.
  • Charity: Striving to generate funds for deserving and vulnerable groups in order to elevate their morale and generate hope.
  • Eternity: Providing a source of help and sustenance for life with the model of empowerment.
  • Community: Engaging volunteers, leaders of community, public figures and other non-profit organizations to develop successful programs and plans that ultimately provide benefits to the deserving citizens.
  • Equity: Contributing to ensure fair and impartial practices in the belief that all humans should be treated equally in society, and in terms of access to healthcare, education, living standards and rights.