An organization

committed to serve people

with love and support.



Shahid Afridi Foundation, founded in March 2014 by the famous cricketer Shahid Afridi also known as “Boom Boom” worldwide, was a step towards a better Pakistan. The organization was established in view of improving living conditions of poor and destitute members of the society.

The first project by the foundation,a hospital in Tangi Banda Village of Kohat called “Sahibzada Fazal Rehman Memorial and Charity Hospital” was developed successfully. The foundation has also worked on the water shortage issues in villages of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa by fixing simple hand pumps. SAF gave scholarships to 12 deserving students of Farabi Government School in year 2014. To continue the tradition it shortlists candidates for scholarship. SAF also displayed support with Dar-ul-Sukun (Karachi) by undertaking the special children ward financially on 16th October 2015.


Vision & Mission

We aspire to transform lives with an ocean of love, happiness and prosperity for the underprivileged people in Pakistan and across the globe.

Hope not out!

To spread education and health services across every corner of Pakistan and work on world peace via sports diplomacy and humanitarian aid enabling ethical, moral and intellectual enlightenment.


Core Values

SAF’s mission and vision is based on five core values that are followed throughout the organization by each member both seamlessly and religiously.

    • Trust
    • Our operations and endeavors are centered around trust. We value the trust of all our donors & partners in all our operations and work.
    • Integrity
    • We are focused on strong moral & ethical principles and uprightness. Our work is centered around honesty & truthfulness as core principles of integrity.
    • Responsibility
    • Our responsibility as an organization is embedded in our philosophy. We believe that our actions effect our communities. We take it as our underlying duty that all our endeavors are seeded with optimism and high degree of responsibility.
    • Commitment
    • We are committed to the cause of giving hope to all and provide opportunities that will change their lives for better.
    • Accountability
    • SAF as an entity is formulated on the principle of complete transparency and credibility. We believe that in all our operations and work, we remain transparent and accountable to all our donors, partners, and volunteers.

SAF Visionaries

Shahid Khan Afridi

Global Chairman

Cherishing every achievement of mine, not as my own doing but a Divine blessing and the love & support of my country that fills me with humility and zest to work for the betterment of my people. Allah gave me the opportunity to achieve more in my life than I could have imagined and I would want to make the most of it by leaving a message of compassion and love for humanity

My dedication is towards helping individuals acquire appropriate health facilities and facilitating them with better educational opportunities. Not only within Pakistan, I also want to focus on the people of Asia, Africa, America & Europe. Providing clean drinking water and healthy food are also amongst my top priorities.”

Jahangir Khan

Global President

Jahangir Khan is the man whose name is synonymous with squash. The man universally recognized as the world’s greatest ever player and an athlete who transcended his sports to be acknowledged as world’s greatest sportsman. The man who set the bar so high for very few to surpass his achievements. Amongst his most Notable Achievements are: Won World Amateur Championships at age 15. Youngest ever World Open Champion (aged 17). Unbeaten in 555 consecutive matches over 5 years and 8 months. Record 10-time British Open Champion (1982-1991). Six-time World Open Champion. First player to win World Open Championship without dropping a game. Played the longest match in history of squash for 2 hours and 46 minutes. Five-year unbeaten run.

From 1981 to 1986, Jahangir was unbeatable and during that time won 555 consecutive matches - the longest winning streak by any athlete in top-level professional sports as recorded by Guinness World Records. Jahangir retired from the Men’s Professional World Squash Tour 1993 and served as President of the World Squash Federation (WSF) from 2002 to 2008, also the time when he became Emeritus President.

Jahangir retired from the professional World Tour in 1993 after helping Pakistan win the World Team Championship in Karachi. He was honoured by the Government of Pakistan with awards of “Pride of Performance” and Civil Award of “Hilal-e-Imtiaz” (Crescent of Distinction) for his achievements in squash. Jahangir was also named “Sportsman of the Millennium” in Pakistan. Jahangir Khan was presented with an honorary Doctorate of Philosophy by London Metropolitan University for his contributions towards the sport. As a result of his complete dominance in squash he was nicknamed "The Conqueror" (a loose translation of his first name).

The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity. #HopeNotOut

Zeshan Afzal

Global CEO

Mr. Zeshan Afzal has years of diversified experience in the field of Finance (Investment Management, Corporate Finance and Investment Banking, Financial Audits, Risk Assessment and Internal Controls), Project Management, Supervision & Monitoring of businesses, Marketing and Sports Management while working in various countries and multicultural organizations Globally.

He has held several senior positions in the Corporate Sector from being the Chief Executive Officer of various organizations to being a Group Executive Director & Independent Director on various boards of listed and private companies and a foreign board. He has also been Chairman and part of various audit, investment & management committees and has worked on various CSR projects, as Advisor and member of board of an educational NGO.

We make a LIVING by WHAT WE GET, but we make a LIFE by WHAT WE GIVE! At times, the little things which we do for others occupy the biggest part of their hearts & lives. At the end of the day, it's not about what you have earned or accomplished, it's all about who you have lifted up & whose life you have made better. It’s all about WHAT YOU HAVE GIVEN BACK!! So join me in my journey, as with all of us together it's #HopeNotOut

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