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Dhul Hajj 2024

Transforming Lives Through the Spirit of Hajj

As we embark on this sacred journey, SAF invites you to join us in making a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need during the first ten days of this holy month. This campaign is not just about fulfilling a religious obligation; it is about embodying the true spirit of Hajj by extending our hands to help those less fortunate. The Dhul Hajj Campaign 2024 is a special initiative aimed at providing critical support during this holy season.

How can you help?

Support our Healthcare Initiatives:

Mobile Health Units: Delivering essential medical services to remote and underserved areas. Free Medical Camps: Offering screenings, consultations, and medicines to those who cannot afford healthcare.


Educational Support:

Scholarships and School Supplies: Ensuring that children from low-income families have the resources they need to continue their education. School Renovations: Creating safe and conducive learning environments in rural and impoverished areas.


Your generosity can make a significant difference. Here are ways you can contribute to our Dhul Hajj Campaign:

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