Breakfast with Jang Group

Mr. Afridi, chairman of Shahid Afridi Foundation attended an event organized by a private television channel, Jang Media Group on how to bring the spark in cricket back.

Building a better future

Mr. Afridi, chairman of Shahid Afridi Foundation attended an event organized by a private television channel, Jang Media Group on how to bring the spark in cricket back. In the program on Friday, “Breakfast with Jang Group”, Shahid Afridi, the chairman of SAF emphasized on building maximum cricket facilities in all the prime areas of Pakistan so new talent could be found and there is promotion of the game.

He expressed his contentment over the new cricket academy that had recently been open in Karachi, one of the most developed cities of Pakistan. He said that this is a good omen but other cities need to take initiative and commence such facilities.

He termed cricket academies as nurturing schools and nurseries for the concerned sport as they play a pivotal role in searching, filtering and polishing the correct talent. On Pakistan’s poor performance in the test matches in Australia, Shahid commented that he was not astonished or surprised as in prevailing conditions, matches can only be won in the United Arab Emirates.

Afridi, to a question answered by saying that he considers himself the best player for the T-20 format of the sport. He also highlighted the positive fact of how peace is returning to the country. And that if Pakistan Cricket Board exerts the right amount of pressure with patriotic motive; international cricket might return to the country.

Afridi was saddened how he had to shift to Lahore for the procurement and preparation of the Pakistan Superior League as the concerned facilities were not available. He also emphasized on no basic facilities being available in Sindh. He even iterated on the formation of Player’s Association.