Nurturing our Future

The Veteran and the founder of SAF Shahid Khan Afridi hit the news again as he has made organization for helping the poor people of our country. Not by just serving them financially but morally, lightening up their futures.

Towards a healthy Tomorrow!

Concerned about poverty and lack of education facilities, the powerhouse of cricket in Pakistan, Shahid Khan Afridi has taken upon himself to turn the situation. By initiating as many social welfare projects as possible to ensure that he does his part to support the nation which has given him so much love and respect. He is applauded for his national service on a foreign pitch which further validates that he would invest all his efforts to whatever he plans to do.

Boom Boom’s organization, “Shahid Afridi Foundation” has constructed a 16-bed maternity hospital in his village back in Kohat. Afridi reiterated the importance of gynecological care and said that now no mother will lose a child or no child will lose mother due to lack of hospital or non-availability of a doctor in his own village.

Afridi during inauguration ceremony said “I have been working on this project for a long time; I firmly believe that I have to make a contribution for the betterment of the society, especially in education and health. I think I owe this to the country, considering the love, affection and the stardom that I have received from its people.”

Afridi during the ceremony, he compared the lifestyles of rural areas and urban developments. He highlighted and built on the fact on how the transport facilities are so scanty and create loads of hardships for the inhabitants. He created this facility in his village so medical assistance is available is near to the needy and no lives are lost due to low development rate.

It’s a wonderful step by Boom Boom! Pakistan is with him in his noble cause.