Road to Education

This tour is to raise awareness about illiteracy that dominates our community, along with raising funds

Global Chairman SAF, Shahid Afridi announced the launch of the initiative taken by Shahid Afridi Foundation- the ‘Road to Education’ tour- in an effort to facilitate underprivileged, out of school children, especially girls under the banner:

“تعلیم ہو گی عام، ہر بیٹی کے نام”

Shahid Afridi will lead the journey starting from Multan and ending at Lahore from October 21 to 31, 2019, covering over 16 cities across Punjab during the 11- day tour.

The tour focuses on raising awareness about the importance of education especially for girls and establishing a volunteer base for the initiatives taken by Shahid Afridi Foundation under the banner of LALA NATION 10!

Now you can be part of this mission and join us on the Road to Education.

It’s #HopeNotOut for every child! #SAF #SAFcares #RoadToEducation

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