Lala Nation 10

Engaging Youth to Create Impact & Change Lives

Under the banner of Lala Nation we aim to build a platform for our youth to come forward and join hands with Shahid Afridi Foundation’s mission to improve Education, Healthcare services, access to Water and Sports rehabilitation across Pakistan. We at SAF believe youth engagement must go hand in hand; as our youth is responsible for building a progressive path way for our country.


The initiative focuses on engaging youth to support the underserved persons of the society; to come forward with sustainable solutions to empower them to become an instrumental member of the society.


Creating Impact
Changing Lives

The initiative is called Lala Nation 10 to involve youth to take action like their hero Shahid Afridi. Being a role model of the country Mr. Afridi wishes to lay down a path way for his youth to follow through his philanthropic practice to support the under privileged citizens of our country.


Volunteers make a huge contribution to the health and wellbeing of the nation, giving their time, skills and expertise.


You can be part
of Lala Nation 10

Lala Nation volunteers work together as a force to empower and build a healthy community. Everyone can contribute their time, skills and knowledge through volunteering ; as combined efforts can be a significant force for achieving developmental goals in underserved areas of Pakistan.


If you are ready to register to become a volunteer, please go to the registration form. Please do not register more than once.


Adults 16 and older are welcome and encouraged to join our initiatives.


Lala Nation 10 platform offers a variety of ways to get involved; you can volunteer for a one-time project or a long-term assignment. Assignments are varied and offer a wide choice of working conditions.


You can:

  • Work with our team at Shahid Afridi Foundation Headquarters based in Karachi

  • Join us on the field in our missions to spread awareness’ and raise funds for our cause.

  • Work directly with our beneficiaries in our schools and hospitals

  • Marketing & Communication

  • Fundraising Projects

  • Outreach projects

  • Awareness Campaigns

  • Spend a day at our school

  • Become a hospital support

  • Fundraising at your organization

  • Workshops/ Sessions at your organization


Meet our



IS For You If

  • You are passionate about your cause and want to make a real difference.

  • You are willing to invest now in what will save you time later.

  • You are willing to put in the work needed to realize success.

  • You are ready to learn new things & develop new skills.

  • You are ready to maximum out of the minimum.

IS NOT For You If

  • You are looking for a miracle cure to fix all of your problems.

  • You know all you need to know about volunteer management.

  • You would rather complain than take a chance and try a new tactic.

  • You aren’t willing to make the required change.

  • You are not ready to invest all you have to bring a shift and empower people around you.



Volunteers who want to be part of Lala Nation can send their applications / fill out membership form to and share it with SAF team. Applications are reviewed to ensure that the candidates meet the minimum requirements:

  • Age between 16-55 years

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills

  • Flexible with willingness to work as part of a team

  • Highly motivated with a strong humanitarian instinct

  • Medically fit

Code of Conduct

All Lala Nation members/volunteers are expected to comply with the Volunteer Code of Conduct, that is shared at the beginning of volunteer program


Recognition and rewards

Upon completion of specific periods of time, volunteers will be recognized by SAF:

  • Awarding appreciation letters and certificates

  • Depending on the number of hours of voluntary service and objectives achieved volunteer will be invited for SAF programs

  • Special Mention on SAF Social Media and Website

  • Testimonials posted on SAF marketing Collateral

  • Gift Items from SAF