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LES Shahur Program – preparing SAF students for the future

LES Shahur Program – preparing SAF students for the future

The charity match took place in Loughton, Essex where SAF was kindly hosted by Loughton CC.

SAF v Loughton
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As the world changes, so do the skills students need to build their careers and a better society. For students to acquire these evolving skills, they must be provided with a platform to help them learn vocational skills and develop an entrepreneurial mindset to encourage them to be self-sufficient.

SAF has collaborated with LUMS Entrepreneurial Society to introduce the Shahur program in SAF schools that furthers education through mentorship and presents good role models for our future generations. SAF students are encouraged to learn activities and programs that will help prepare them for the challenges they are going to face in college, career, and beyond.

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