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Creating a safe haven

A ray of hope in an otherwise dark world, that is what Dar-ul-sukun has proved to be for many children. This is home for abandoned and street children who have nowhere else to go, who are homeless, wandering the streets in the hope that someone would help them and support them.

Lending a

helping hand

Continuing our attempts to help shape and hone skills of the young leaders of tomorrow, Shahid Afridi realizes that it is his duty, to protect such kids and to shield them as much as possible from the harsh realities of their circumstances.

Beginning of

Better Health

Supporting a school of thought as this one, is just one of the many ways in which the foundation attempts to do justice to the society. By adopting a special children’s ward at Dar-ul-Sukun homes, SAF tends to do its part in helping those who have no control over their situation.

Money in just a

number in the bigger

scheme of things

With an annual donation of 2.5 Million PKR, SAF tries to do a little part in grand endeavors undertaken by trust organisations. The real heroes are the people running these homes. However, Shahid Afridi himself recognizes that signing a cheque is only half the work, for this very purpose the cricketer/philanthropist, along with Sarfraz Ahmed visited the homes on Eid-ul–Fitr day.