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Relief to the Rohingya


A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with Baitussalam Welfare Trust (BWT) to support and provide relief to the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar, displaced and found refuge in Bangladesh. SAF has donated PKR 5 Million to the cause. In respect BWT will also support SAF in its education initiatives and provide help to SAF for opening its branch office in Turkey.

Destitute and

looking for refuge

Rohingya and its current state politically, socially and economically has left most of the world in despair. Where many states and people are reserved in being a helping hand to the those who are now destitute and looking for refuge, Shahid Afridi Foundation has reached out to the victims.


our brotherhood

Both the organizations plan to utilize their resources to eliminate the problems faced by Muslims in Rohingya. These problems can never be fully eliminated by one person or an organization but SAF is doing the part that it is capable of. It is providing them with monetary and kind terms to assure that it facilitates and eases the process of betterment. Salman Qassim Mohammady General Secretary of BWT said, “Where ever we are, we are united and this is the source of our strength. The problem our Ummah is facing today is the lack of unity amongst us. Today’s event is an example of how we can join hand to rejuvenate our brotherhood”.