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Sahibzada Fazal Rehman

Charity Hospital

Sahibzada Fazal Rehman Charity Hospital is first and only charity based, high-quality health care provider in Tangibanda – Kohat. Our distinguished doctors are devoted to treating every patient with clinical excellence.

The structure

The hospital is equipped with every major machinery and facility, has 16 beds, 4 full-time doctors along with other part-time specialists working pro-bono, attempting to give back to the community and help the needy.

Beginning of

Better Health

This is the story of a little girl livi ng in a small village in Tangi Banda, Kohat. She goes to school; she does her chores, plays outside with her friends. She lives life just like any other girl in the village until one day while playing outside during a severe heat wave, an occurrence not alien to people of those areas, the girl suffers a terrible heatstroke. With the nearest hospital being hours away, due to no transport facility for the little soul, the family has no choice but to resort to herbal archaic methods of treatment that work on every 1 in 10 patients. Our vision is to redeem this exact situation, to provide these little boys and girls with a chance of survival, so they can play and live their lives without any hindrance and are given their basic right to free and affordable healthcare.

Straight from

the source

According to a SAF Lady Doctor “With the help of organizations such as Shahid Afridi Foundation; quick, easy and affordable access to basic healthcare has been made possible, helping women practice mother and child care, pre and post-pregnancy, plus dealing with ailments of the elderly.”

SFCH Facilitating

SFCH has complete services in emergency medicine, primary care, dental facilitation, diagnostic imaging, antenatal and postnatal care and pharmacy. Run and managed by Shahid Afridi Foundation providing care beyond medicine since 2014. SFCH facilitating more than 100 patients daily and providing 15+ first aid and primary lifesaving facilities to the population of approximately 270,000 from 20 villages of the surrounding neighborhoods.