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Thar Hospital

SAF has recently collaborated with Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (a subsidiary of Engro Power Generation) and Indus Hospital to build a 250 Bed State-of-the-Art Hospital in Islamkot area of Thar region of Sindh. SAF is focusing on the health of mother & child, the construction cost of mother & child block will be born by SAF and it will be named as Shahid Afridi Foundation Mother & Child Block.

Project Brief

Thar Foundation (a subsidiary of Engro & SECMC) has the prime responsibility of the project, as Engro group has committed not only to substantially fund the construction cost but also has a firm commitment to run the operational expenses of the Thar Hospital. Thar Foundation and Engro have chosen the top operating hospital to operationally manage the Thar Hospital. The Thar Hospital is a 250 bed project with an estimated cost of PKR 2.4 Billion (USD 20 Million).

A vision of a

happier future

Aimed to be completed in early 2018, a 100-bed hospital is to be constructed in Islamkot, fully equipped with facilities to handle emergencies regarding maternal and infant care, Malaria, TB, Mental Illness and Thalassemia. This might not be the permanent solution to very serious problems but it is a huge step in the right direction to help solve these otherwise seemingly unsolvable issues.

Project Milestones

Phase 1: During 1st phase of the project target of 100-120 beds block to be completed by June 2019. PAEDS & GYNAE BLOCK will have specialized faculty and provision for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Pediatrics – dedicated facility for maternal and infant care with 2 wards, up to 100 beds, operation theatres, labour rooms, doctors, nursing staff and administration. General Block will have within it provision of family medicine, OPD, General Surgery, Orthopedics, Emergency, Medicine  along with a 24/7 trauma center.
Phase 2 and 3: After successful completion of 1st phase it is targeted to expand by  accommodating 130 more bed with the completion of the project of 250 bed by the year 2021-22

Other Details

The Hospital will have provision of family medicine OPD, General Surgery, Orthopedics, Emergency Medicine along with a 24/7 trauma center. The hospital will also run Specialized Programs under the Global Health Directorate and Indus Health Network pertaining to malaria, tuberculosis, mental illnesses, thalassemia etc.
Expected Annual Footfall total number of patients registered and visiting the facility; approximately 124,831 including all admissions, consulting clinic visits, emergency visits etc.
Operational Cost; commitment from SECMC & Engro Power Gen for 10 years and an endowment is being planned with the Thar Coal Project.