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Tirah Valley: LuminAid


Much of rural Tirah Valley FATA had no access to electricity, they used kerosene lamps that were not only dangerous but also harmful for the environment.

Enlightening a

forgotten paradise

SAF realized the need of electricity shortage and started paving out ways to enter the region and take initiatives that could benefit the inhabitants in one way or the other. The division of tribes, lack of educational facilities to deprived and underprivileged people in the area covering, a radius of 10-15 Km comprised of almost 20 villages, so Shahid Afridi Foundation has made a commitment to help Enlighten the area.

Benefits of

LuminAid lights

The benefits of this program are enormous, including increased health benefits and cleaner air.There is more light for children to continue their schooling after dark as Solar lamps are bright enough for reading & writing. Woman use these lamps while cooking or checking cattle outside at night. Solar lamps are serving various purposes, like lighting the path to avoid snakes while people walk at night, or to light the room when working at home.