The holy month of Ramadan is one of introspection, self-improvement, heightened devotion and prayer. It is the month we try to connect with Allah (SWT) by sharing our blessing with those who are less privileged than us. It is stated that Allah (SWT) said:

“Ramadan is the month of giving and mercy, and in it Allah blesses the believers with forgiveness and being saved from Hellfire. Therefore, whoever is merciful and giving in Ramadan, Allah will be even more Merciful and Giving, and will bestow upon him countless bounties and blessings.”

We call upon to you to come forward and join hands with us to help those in need this month. You can pick and choose an activity through which you would like to participate in raise funds.

Activities below are supporting SAF Ramadan Campaign #ZakatSeUmeed. Fundsraised through this campaign will reach:

  • Over 10,000 struggling families in terms of ration packs during Ramadan.
  • Help over 4000 students enrolled across 14 SAF continue their education through the academic year.
  • Over 1,000 mother and 1,000 children to be treated through SAF health facilities.

Help us keep their Hope alive! Choose an activity to support SAF initiative or Donate now:

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