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Kindness is not a stagnant force; the importance of helping others can be recognized when you see the impact that your kindness has on others the change in the society that has been created. Building Dreams, a campaign by SAF USA  is an invitation to Pakistani’s living across the USA to come forward and join the mission of offering lasting HOPE to out of school children and begin a new chapter of compassion for the families living on the margins in our community giving them a chance to make their DREAMS come true for a better tomorrow. To support this cause, Chairman Shahid Afridi, joined by Jahangir Khan and Adnan Siddiqui took on an enriching yet a rewarding trip to USA under “Building Dreams USA Tour 2021”. The trip was planned for the core purpose of raising funds to invest in the future of youth by helping enroll out of school children back to school, and to empower struggling communities with clean water access in Baluchistan. The team participated in 20 fundraisers across 11 destinations: New York – Farah Haider | New York – Azeem Subhani | New York – Arshad Afridi | New Jersey – Nick Saleem | Delaware – Vaqar Sharief | Cincinnati – Hammid Khattak | Cincinnati – APPNA & Dr. Ali Usmani | Virginia – Dr. Samdani | Houston – Dr. Imran Sharief | Houston – Kashif Ansari | Washington DC – Imran Raja | Charlotte – Naqash Chaudhary | Greenville – Dr. Wajih Malik | Tampa – Dr. Syed Umair & Ghazanfar Khadim | Florida – Dr. Shazia Sharief | Florida – Dr. Sajid Chaudhary The Building Dreams campaign was a success because of our supporters who joined on our journey of Hope and ensuring its always Not Out. Click on the city to read more on how fundraiser hosted at each city has created an impact and is continuing to make impact.

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