Get Involved

  • Adopt a

    30,000 PKR year

  • Adopt a classroom

    750,000 PKR year

  • Adopt a

    6,000,000 PKR year

  • Build a Computer lab /Library

    4,000,000 PKR
    Computer Lab and Library are required at all SAF Schools

  • There are many ways you can get involved, building lasting and valuable relationships through a partnership providing mutual benefits.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility can aid the recruitment and retention of a discerning workforce who want to be associated with conscientious and community-centric employers. It can help win and retain investment and customers, improve reputation and generate positive publicity.
  • As a Corporate Partner you’ll be creating impact, changing lives across Pakistan
  • Explore the different ways you can partner with us and have fun, whilst making a difference. From volunteering and bake sales to raffles and gifts in kind, sponsoring a child to adopting a classroom; every partnership makes a difference ensures #HopeNotOut for all
  • Once you get in touch our office will help you every step of the way from deciding what you want to raise to how you are going to do it.

Interested in hosting Shahid Afridi and a surprise guest at your home?

Please check the minimum you can raise*

How can you volunteer?

  • Fundraising volunteers enable us to raise funds for our all-important causes; from organizing a charity event to hosting a fundraising dinner, to organizing a sponsored abseil, and more. Help us by playing your part and complete the form.
  • Become a Volunteer Driver.
  • If you hold a clean driving license you could help us to deliver support to people in need. You can also collect donations or support us during our ration drives.
  • Become an Admin Volunteer.
  • If you want to help in one of our offices or support our services, you can volunteer your administration skills.
  • Become a Volunteer Trainer or Teacher.
  • Share your knowledge to help train teachers and students at SAF Schools.
  • Share your Expertise.
  • Help our doctors, nurses and practitioners, whilst developing new skills and techniques working at SFCH. You can also volunteer your time aiding ailing patients.

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