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With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in Pakistan and globally, Shahid Afridi Foundation was one of the first organizations to start campaigning and to create awareness about the pandemic. To educate the masses about the virus and in order to support families struggling with livelihood due to the pandemic, SAF launched a campaign.

‘To Fight Corona Donate Karo Na’ using #DonateKaroNa & #StayHomeToSaveLives.

The campaign was led by SAF Global Chairman Mr. Shahid Afridi & Global President Mr. Jahangir Khan, with SAF Global Chapters. The campaign included awareness & advocacy for the precautions to be taken, an isolation ward at SFCH and a continued ration drive from Karachi to Kohat facilitating nearly 28,000 families.

We aim to raise 75,000,000PKR to facilitate 34,000 families across Pakistan with the aim of پاکستان بھر تک, آپ کے گھر تک

One ration bag of Rs. 2,200/- will support a family of 5 for 15 days.
Ration Bag contains: Flour 20Kg| Lentil 1kg | Chana 2kg| Rice 2kg| Sugar 2kg| Cooking Oil 2kg| Salt 1 Packet |Soap 1 Bar| Sanitizer 50ml Your contributions will enable Shahid Afridi Foundation to help these struggling families over this uncertain period of the Coronavirus pandemic.

  • Shahid Afridi Foundation’s primary healthcare hospital, Sahibzada Fazal Rahman Charity Hospital (SFCH) was used to set an example of how and what precautionary measures should be taken.
  • Patients coming in were briefed on precautionary measures.
  • Isolation ward was created to ensure patients showing symptoms can be quarantined safely until other necessary measures can be taken.
  • Isolation ward was created to ensure patients showing symptoms can be quarantined safely until other necessary measures can be taken
  • 500 banners on the importance of cleanness were placed all around the city of Kohat.
  • 5,000 pamphlets were distributed in Urdu and Pashto languages.
  • Force of 20 SAF volunteers was created to ensure ration is delivered at home and to avoid crowd gathering for social distancing reasons.
  • Advocacy programs through social media continue to take place.

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