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Rehabilitating Dreams of the Affectees of Flood in Pakistan

Rehabilitating Dreams

- Surviving - Phase I:

Since July 2022, provision of survival packs that included Ready to eat Food items, Hygiene kits and basic Medical Supplies.


- Sustaining - Phase II:

  • Food Security:

Reached over 10,000 households across the country with ration to serve a family of 10 for a period of one month.

  • Tent Village:

In Mastung 1,000 individuals were provided Shelter, Three-time Cooked Meals and Medical assistance.


Rehabilitating Flood Affectees:

  • Provision of Homes
  • Creating Food Security
  • Creating Livelihood Opportunities
  • Access to Healthcare facilities
  • Access to Water

Provision of Homes:

Building communities of 143 homes Mastung Baluchistan and 75 homes Mir Pur Khaas Sindh

Home Features:

  • Two room – one bath
  • Weather and shock proof
  • Solar powered home with electrical appliances
  • 15-gallon water tank for storage

Creating Food Security:

Provision of Ration for a family of ten members for a period one month

  • The ration is provided 6 consecutive months to help the affectees build back their live s without worrying about from where they will secure their next meal.
  • Cutting down socioeconomic barriers by providing kitchen utensils, home items, winterization kits and shoes.

Creating Livelihood Opportunities:

  • Provision of seeds, fertilizers, farming tools, cattle stock to regenerate farming lands and start a sustainable income stream
  • Building community water tanks for drinking and domestic use achieving WASH goals

Access to Healthcare facilities:

Initiated a Mother and Child Mobile Health Unit.


Serving communities residing in 50KM radius of Quetta and its adjoining areas reaching to over 3,000 households.

  • Catering to vector and water borne diseases due to floods.
  • Target mother and children - expecting mothers, young children and girls who otherwise have no access to healthcare facilities
  • Along with catering to natal and antenatal care the mobile unit facilities will also help curb water-borne and vector-borne diseases in the area.

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