• Trained over 180 students through 4 camps in South Punjab through cricket for change

Sports is one of the key mechanisms that can help rejuvenate and rehabilitate a community enabling a society’s progress. SAF has initiated various sports events and provided multiple opportunities to communities in Kohat and Tirah so that children could get involved in healthy activities.

The event was organized by Pakistan Army’s 23 Brigade, which was attended by Honorable Prime Minister Imran Khan as the Chief Guest. The event was supported by SAF, and the objective of the event was to create harmony and awareness amongst locals, offering heathy recreational activities.

A charity cricket match was held at Iqbal Stadium, Faisalabad, to promote and create awareness about SAF efforts on health, education and water for the underprivileged. National Cricket Players joined hands for a noble cause and funds raised were contributed as donation for the betterment of the destitute communities.

Sports Goods Distribution
For the people of Tirah, a once abandoned and neglected community, there was not much to look forward to. SAF distributed sports good to spread hope and happiness among the residents of this village.

Criminal activities in Kohat were increasing day by day. To eradicate the now common norm, SAF adopted one of its playground now known as Lala Ground with a mission to establish sports in the region. A football match was organized to promote sports as a healthy activity, improving focus, critical thinking and muscle development.

Cricket for Change

US Consul General Lahore recently partnered with SAF for ten camps across Punjab to empower underserved communities through sports-related activities, promoting a positive message. Simultaneously this helps develop skills and knowledge linked to leadership, teamwork, healthy lifestyle, resilience, community service, time management, career, and financial planning. The medium used was cricket, which is a good platform for promoting personal and community-related development in Pakistan. A five-day training camp was designed for students whereby they were trained on cricketing and life skills by qualified and professional trainers.

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