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Cricket For Change


What is Cricket For Change?

Cricket for change is the program initiated by Shahid Afridi Foundation with US Consulate Lahore. SAF has recently partnered with US Counsel General Lahore for a program/campaign to empower underserved youth of our society aiming to succeed in sports and life which is an utmost need of a sustainable long-term program that promotes a positive message as well as develops skills related to leadership, teamwork, healthy lifestyle, resilience, community service, time management, career, and financial planning. The tool that we aim to use is Cricket for the said program as it is believed to be a good platform for promoting personal and community development in Pakistan.

Why Cricket For Change?

To empower the underserved Pakistani youth to succeed in sports and in life there is an utmost need of a sustainable long-term program that promotes a positive message and inclusive perspectives as well as develops skills related to leadership, teamwork, healthy lifestyle, resilience, discipline, community service, time management, career, and financial planning.


Key Indicators of the Project

The project has achieved the following milestones:

  • Total number of schools engaged: 10
  • Total number of teachers and community members engaged: 150
  • Total number of students engaged: 450
  • Total number of households engaged approx: 450
  • Additionally, the project has engaged 2,700 indirect beneficiaries, based upon an average household size of 6 members.

Cricket for Change - Camps

Under this program, a five-day training camp was designed for selected students; they were trained on cricketing skills by qualified and professional trainers and, simultaneously, on life skills also which is aimed to make them good sportsmen/sportswomen.

Mrs. Maimoon Anwer

Addressed to the students about healthy living and shared his views on the activities and have thanked U.S Consulate Lahore and Shahid Afridi Foundation for selecting Divisional Public School amongst many schools in Toba Tek Singh and have given the opportunity to their students and making sure to keep the spirit alive and replicate these activities in their schools afterward. Further Deputy Principal Boys Section Divisional Public School – Mr. Zafar Hussain advised the students about Consciousness and honesty and advised the students to be more tolerant to each other no matter what race, religion or sect his/she belongs to and to bring more inclusivity in the society.

Mrs. Afshan Monus

Principal the Generation Grammar School. As an educationist I believe this is one of the most interesting activities for practical learning and learning through sports has never been encouraged in our society. We are glad that the SAF team approached us to conduct these activities in Bahawalpur since there are too many schools in the region and we are thankful for their efforts, our students have learned a lot from these activities and we are very happy to see the efforts and the outcomes of this training and we would also like to host Cricket for Change camp next year

Mrs. Ayesha Hassan

Managing Director of the Generation Grammar School stated that cricket is the most loved game in the country and children play cricket whenever they get a place or time, they choose cricket over any other sport. Learning life skills through cricket is such a good idea and a great way to instill life skills in students. Activities like these could be game changers in bringing a positive change in society, She added that in these sunny days coaches taught students very well and the love for the sports and for teaching these students is remarkable

Advocate Mr. Hassan

Director of Generation Grammar School. Quoted These events are very fruitful for the healthy mind, and a healthy mind always possesses a positive attitude in the students. He encourages the SAF team to visit again in the future to hold camps like these in every campus and give healthy chance to the students of this school to bring more healthy activities.

Ms. Samra Gul

CRO Allied School Stadium Campus stated: “The essence of this training has been delivered and I have noticed that the practical learning is more effective than the oral and stereotypical learnings in the classroom.” She also witnesses a drastic improvement in the students from day 1 till day 5. “The trainers were so helpful even when doing the things in a wrong way they were very welcoming for the improvements, and they buck up each and every student. This confidence during the camps were also noticed after the activity and in the classrooms.

Ms. Uzma Yasir

Principal of Allied School Stadium Campus said that team not only teaches the kids about the basics of cricket as a sport but also taught them about moral values and how to groom themselves as an individual how to improve society with their actions and how to be supportive and cooperative to others and how to improve inner characteristics to become a better person as an individual and as a society, quoting that “only a good person can be a good sportsman”  they have not only distributed the kit bags but trained our students very well. Our students and their parents were very excited ane learned a lot from this activity. Students are so happy, and I would like to congratulate SAF and PAS Lahore for this great effort.

Fatima Razak

A government servant in a law enforcement agency and a community member was very happy with this activity and stated that her daughter participated in Karate and won a gold medal thanked Shahid Afridi Foundation for such a healthy activity with indoor activities its was a wonderful effort and in future, this will bring a positive impact in the society and this will also encourage kids to gather around and compete in a friendly manner. He encourages programs like these needs to replicate in all the schools of Allied groups where these kids can learn from the best and bring a positive change in society.

The Father of one students

Mr. Mohammad Waheed

A dedicated community member and also a former under 19 cricketer encourages the effort and the dedication of the team by saying that he thought that the kids were in good hands of the professionals and handled these activities very well and all of these activities were according to the need of time and also the lesson learned was the most pressing issues of these times.

Mrs. Faiza Nazeer

A teacher of Divisional Public School TTS said that Camps like these are new things for our school and this will help students build courage, unity, discipline, sharing, and tolerance which will help these kids in the field and will develop these skills through sports.

Ms. Samina Firdous

Activities like these healthy youth bring a healthy society and healthy society prosperous in all walks of life.” She further added students enjoyed these activities and emphasize to continue activities like these in near future. Students participated actively and there has never been a training program organized by any youth engaging group, which is so comprehensive and the delivery method so simple to participants can relate themselves.

PTA and Physical Education Teacher

Respected Mrs. Maimoon Anwer

Headmistress Girls wing DPS Toba Tek Singh stated that these days kids are being most attracted to the virus of cellphones and laptop in oppose if these kids rush to the grounds and make them crowded with physical activities, this will not only a better for students themselves but also the parents. As sports are not only to keep them strong and active but will also give a mindfulness mental growth which wins eventually help them complete their studies and daily routines in a better way. She further said that the targeted age group from 10 – 13 is the age where we can mold these kids into a positive and healthy activities and if we encourage our kids of these ages in sports this will create a lasting impact on their minds, physiques, and their conscious.

Mr. Shehzad Afzal

Teacher at Naukhez Public School said I would like to take the opportunity to start by thanking and extending my gratitude to SAF for organizing a camp at our school especially in the southern Punjab region because there are very few NGOs who have taken such an initiative. The best part is that along with our boys our daughters and young girls who are students, were given an equal opportunity to participate and play. We are grateful to the foundation along with the students, we also learned a great deal about discipline, companionship, and corporation.

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