Cricket for Change

Day 1:

On the first day of the camp, students and teachers went through a baseline survey to have their skills and abilities assessed to customize a program based on their needs.

Day 2:

The workshop focused on improving key development skills such as personal care, leadership skills, inclusivity, tolerance, and mindfulness of the students.

Day 3:

Participants implemented life development skills such as teamwork, mindfulness, self-esteem building and other related skills they learned during days 1 and 2 of the camp, preparing for a match organized for later on. Participants also received kits for the program.

Day 4:

ABCS test (agility, balance, coordination and speed). The test conducted was part of the workshop which was specifically designed to improve key development skills.

Day 5:

cricket kit distribution to all the beneficiaries. To mark the final day of the camp, a match was organized between two teams, where children participate and implement what they learned through previous workshops given during the camp. The teachers were equal participants as they learned how to train children on key development skills and fully participated in all the camp activities.

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