Flood in Pakistan

The charity match took place in Loughton, Essex where SAF was kindly hosted by Loughton CC.

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Never before has the country faced disasters and humanitarian crises of such frequency and intensity. Heavy monsoon rains and climate change combined to produce the most devastating floods in Pakistan. In the month of July alone, Pakistan was swamped by as much rain as it typically received in years.

Hundreds died from drowning during the initial phase of the floods in both Sindh and Balochistan, affecting 33 million as the country experienced more than 780% rain above average levels.  Thousands of homes have been destroyed, livestock have died, while many public health facilities, water systems and schools are damaged.

Shahid Afridi Foundation was the first responder to the catastrophe. We reached the most vulnerable communities living in remote locations. Our efforts till date have reached over 7,000 households that is 38,000 direct beneficiaries. We are working on ground providing aid and relief to the communities at large. SAF has supported the affected in three phases to help them sustain, survive, and rehabilitate.

First PhaseSurvival: Provide survival kits so that they can combat the floods and survive till sustainable help reaches them.

  • Survival kits (Biscuits| Roasted Black Gram | Nuts & Dates | Dry Milk | ORS | Water| Mosquito Repellent | Women Hygiene items)

Second PhaseSustaining: Set up tent villages and provide ration for a period of 30 days for 50 Households, in three vicinities and help them sustain till their lands are allocated.

  • Ration Bag (Flour| Oil| Sugar| Water| Grains)
  • Shelter Tents
  • Medical camp with provision of free medicines

Third PhaseRehabilitating: Help rebuild their homes, provide livestock and life essentials so that they can restart their lives and have a sustainable infrastructure to avoid future calamities.

  • Reconstructing Homes
  • Provision of kitchen utensils
  • Solar Energization
  • Clean drinking water & domestic water accessibility

Many celebrities of our country unified in these troubling times and contributed their part in reinforcing our message to become the hope for flood-affected communities across Pakistan. Cricketer Naseem Shah also joined hands with SAF and offered the bat he played with in the Pak vs Afg Asia Cup Match towards this pressing cause to help SAF reach out to hundreds of affectees of Floods In Pakistan.
Our partners in Rehabilitating the Flood Affectees


Supporting dedicated and talented sportsman

The charity match took place in Loughton, Essex where SAF was kindly hosted by Loughton CC.

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SAF along with the Mega Stars League is humbled to provide Shahir Afridi, Asian Light Weight Boxing Champion, with the opportunity to defend his title against an Indian boxer. We look forward to furthering more SAF sports initiatives in the future by supporting more dedicated and talented athletes.

Share a Meal

The charity match took place in Loughton, Essex where SAF was kindly hosted by Loughton CC.

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SAF remains at the forefront in combating the problem of hunger through its ration drives reaching impoverished communities across the country.

Our Food Security campaign reached 3370 households in Sindh and Balochistan to help families overcome malnutrition and access nutritional food. SAF collaborated with IDRF and Humaniti. The drive reached underserved households in Abdul Sattar Goth and Taheem Goth in Thatta, Hub and Gadani in Balochistan, and Surjani and Orangi town in Karachi who were struggling to make ends meet in terms of food supplies.

Creating Food Security in the flood-hit regions of Balochistan

The charity match took place in Loughton, Essex where SAF was kindly hosted by Loughton CC.

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Balochistan province is the worst affected province due to flash floods this monsoon and has recorded more than 200 deaths so far, according to the reports. Flood-affected victims struggle to access food and water as thousands of villages have drowned and more than 10,000 houses have been damaged.

SAF team visited the areas in Balochistan affected the most by the rain-induced floods and met the affectees. Ration drives have been carried out for the flood affected families so they can get back on their feet quickly and safely in these testing times.

LES Shahur Program – preparing SAF students for the future

The charity match took place in Loughton, Essex where SAF was kindly hosted by Loughton CC.

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As the world changes, so do the skills students need to build their careers and a better society. For students to acquire these evolving skills, they must be provided with a platform to help them learn vocational skills and develop an entrepreneurial mindset to encourage them to be self-sufficient.

SAF has collaborated with LUMS Entrepreneurial Society to introduce the Shahur program in SAF schools that furthers education through mentorship and presents good role models for our future generations. SAF students are encouraged to learn activities and programs that will help prepare them for the challenges they are going to face in college, career, and beyond.