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Shameem Saeed Library

Shameem Saeed Library

The charity match took place in Loughton, Essex where SAF was kindly hosted by Loughton CC.

SAF v Loughton
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Access to knowledge encourages excercise of rights, inclusion in society and freedom for all. For this, SAF has been working to bring knowledge to those who are in need. More than a collection of books, libraries are places for personal development, creativity and freedom. However, they are often absent in places where communities need them most.

Sunail Khan Husnain joined us in our mission of working with students to enhance motor and cognitive skills acquired from reading. Shamim Saeed Library was inaugurated by him in SAF school Malikpur campus, Lahore, providing SAF students with access to over 500 books imparting instruments of education, culture, and digital information equipping the students to comprehend and grasp the world.

Extremely grateful to SAF Australia for making this dream a reality & Dr. Sunail Khan for inaugurating this tremendous milestone.

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